Depression is a problem. TMS Therapy is the solution.

About TMS Solutions in Spokane:

Now with two convenient locations, TMS Solutions is proud to be actively treating depression in Spokane. The stigma of mental health is a struggle for most people and their families. Many feel shame and are afraid or embarrassed about stepping out and seeking help. At TMS Solutions, we understand these difficulties and want you to know that you are not alone. 

A 2018 Washington State Health Assessment indicated that 1-in-8 adults reported having poor mental health. Females showed a 50% higher prevalence of self-reported poor mental health than males - 14% for females compared to 9% for males. Washington State agencies are actively working to promote mental well-being and health clinic services to address mental health statistics.

We are passionate in our belief that TMS Therapy can help people overcome their depression and get back to enjoying all the activities Spokane has to offer. Contact a Patient Advocate at TMS Solutions in Spokane today. 


Efficacy of TMS Solutions' TMS Therapy:

• Over 84% of TMS Solutions' patients experience an over 50% reduction in their symptoms.
• Over 55% of our patients receive complete remission!


Did you know?

  • TMS Therapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment.
  • It is indicated for treatment-resistant depression (MDD).
  • Approximately 40% of medicated depression patients are may be one of them.
  • It's covered by insurance, Medicare, VA programs, and in some states Medicaid. Ask a Patient Advocate.
  • TMS Solutions has treated bi-polar, anxiety, auditory hallucinations, PTSD, OCD, and Tinnitus as "Off-Label" treatments. Each individual patient will be assessed to determine treatment eligibility.

CRISIS Hotlines:

• Frontier Behavioral Health: 877-266-1818
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Our Staff

Dr. Chalem

Mark Chalem, M.D.

Rendering Physician

Dr. Mark Chalem received his Medical degree from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in 1976, completed his residency in psychiatry at the University of Iowa in 1979, and has been in private psychiatric practice in Spokane Washington since 1979. He is board-certified in psychiatry. He practices general adult psychiatry with an interest in both medication management and psychotherapy. He has been particularly interested in rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation since its approval as a treatment  for treatment-resistant depression and  feels it is a very useful addition to our therapeutic antidepressant armamentarium as an extremely low risk, additional, none medication alternative treatment that does not pose any of the potentially serious risks of medications and electroconvulsive therapy, the only other comparable available treatment.

In his free time, Dr. Chalem enjoys taking advantage of the beauty of the Inland  Northwest through activities such as hiking and cross-country skiing. He also enjoys reading -- especially about philosophy and theology and psychotherapy. 


Zina Zimmerman

Certified TMS Technician | Spokane Falls Blvd. Clinic

Hello! My name is Zina and I am one of the TMS Technicians in Spokane, Washington. I am a Gonzaga University graduate with a psychology degree and pre-med concentration. I decided to work for TMS Solutions because I had heard how much TMS therapy has been able to help so many people. Being a psychology major, my heart and passion lies with individuals struggling with their mental health. To be able to work with such individuals, talking every day about the little victories, has been an absolute joy. To also be able to utilize both my psychology degree in how I talk to clients, and pre-med knowledge when understanding and explaining to others the mechanism behind TMS therapy has been invaluable. Eventually, I plan to go back to school and earn my master's degree in counseling. Until then, I fill my time with bullet journaling (mostly because I love organization) and finding creative ways of tiring out my Siberian Husky puppy.

Rebekah May-1

Rebekah May

Certified TMS Technician | Holland Rd. Clinic

Hello! My name is Rebekah, and I am proud to be the Technician at TMS Solution's North Spokane Location. I am originally from San Diego, California but have called Spokane "home" for 10 years now. I am an Eastern Washington University graduate. At EWU, I studied Substance Addiction, Co-Occurring Disorders, and Psychology. I have always had a passion for helping others take steps towards a brighter future. Here at TMS Solutions, I love being able to make real connections with patients and support them as they continue to fight for their mental health. Outside of work, I love to hike, travel, be outside with my family and dog, craft, and find ways to be creative.