Treating Depression With TMS Therapy In Riverdale, Utah


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Depression is a problem. TMS Therapy is the solution.

About TMS Solutions in Riverdale.

TMS Solutions is proud to be actively treating depression in Riverdale. The stigma of mental health is a struggle for most people and their families. Many feel shame and are afraid or embarrassed about stepping out and asking for help. At TMS Solutions, we understand these difficulties and want you to know that you are not alone.

A recent study on Utah’s Mental Health System by the University of Utah, Kem C. Gardener Policy Institute, and the Utah Hospital Association identified that 1-in-5 Utah residents experiences poor mental health. The report also identified that almost 40% of Utah’s depressed youth did not receive treatment, and 15% of new mothers experience postpartum depression symptoms. 

We are passionate in our belief that TMS Therapy can help people overcome their depression and get back to enjoying all the activities Riverdale has to offer. Contact a Patient Advocate at TMS Solutions in Riverdale today.


Efficacy of TMS Solutions' TMS Therapy:

• Over 84% of TMS Solutions' patients experience an over 50% reduction in their symptoms.
• Over 55% of our patients receive complete remission!


Did you know?

  • TMS Therapy is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment.
  • It is indicated for treatment-resistant depression (MDD).
  • Approximately 40% of medicated depression patients are may be one of them.
  • It's covered by insurance, Medicare, VA programs, and in some states Medicaid. Ask a Patient Advocate.
  • TMS Solutions has treated bi-polar, anxiety, auditory hallucinations, PTSD, OCD, and Tinnitus as "Off-Label" treatments. Each individual patient will be assessed to determine treatment eligibility.

CRISIS Hotlines:

• Crisis Line: 801-587-3001
• People's Health Clinic: 435-333-1851
• Valley Behavioral Health: 800-538-2069
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Our Staff

Dr. Barusch

Nathaniel Barusch, M.D.

Rendering Physician

Dr. Barusch earned his medical degree at Creighton University and his Masters in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where he did research on the impact of technology use on the mental health of adolescents. He completed his psychiatry residency at the University of California-Davis and is pursuing advanced training in integrative psychiatry at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute

Dr. Barusch provides compassionate, holistic, and evidence-based care. He emphasizes environment, lifestyle, personal history, spirituality and biology in developing a personalized treatment plan designed to prepare clients to reach their full potential.

He is a member of the Clinical TMS Society and has completed their training in the use of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a powerful tool for the treatment of depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Dr. Barusch is an avid skier, loves exploring the mountains with his dog, Jasper, and he practices Zen meditation. 

Alissa Neal Ogden

Alissa Neal

Certified TMS Technician

Hello and welcome to the Ogden TMS Solutions clinic! My name is Alissa Neal, I am a certified TMS technician. I was born and raised in Ogden and I am pleased to serve the people here. I have worked in the mental health field for nearly four years at several behavioral units focusing on substance abuse, mental illness, dual diagnosis, and how these things affect our entire community. While working at these facilities I obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from Weber State University. I am currently en route to get a master's degree in social work from Arizona State University. People are my passion and working at TMS Solutions gives me the opportunity to really make a difference in people's lives. This treatment is new to our area and I am so grateful that I get to be a part of the revolutionary technology that is TMS.