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Depression is a problem. TMS Therapy is the solution.

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About TMS Solutions in Montrose:

As you know, Montrose is a paradise for those who love the outdoors or just a small-town atmosphere. You can hike through the San Juan’s, visit Ridgway State Park for fishing and SUP adventures. Or, stay right here in town and enjoy the Uncompahgre River or shop in some of our amazing Main street stores.  If you are missing any of these amazing activities because depression isn’t letting you live your life to its fullest you are not alone and TMS Solutions is here to help.

In 2018, Mental Health America ranked Colorado as 43rd in the states for best mental health, so 42 above us. Denver Public Health found that one in eight of its residents is suffering from clinical depression.

Overall Ranking - 43rd
Adult Ranking - 40th
Youth Ranking - 48th
Prevalence of Mental Illness - 49th
Access to Care Ranking - 17th

When it comes to negative mental health statistics, one of the biggest reasons is usually that people just don't have access to mental healthcare. Maybe their insurance doesn't afford it, or there are no free or low-budget treatment options.

Interestingly enough, Colorado is 17th in mental health access. Yes, we could be doing better, but we are in the higher half. For insurance carriers, Colorado ranks 8th, which is quite good. The problem is that many people just don't want to get the care they need. Perhaps it's due to the stigma, or they feel like they will be judged or put on medication they don't want.

Therapy doesn't have to involve medication, and a therapist will not judge you. They have probably seen a lot worse than your situation. Do not be afraid to see a therapist just because you're afraid of being judged.

Colorado has a lot of work to do when it comes to mental health, and there as a citizen, the change begins with you. Help someone in need. Get help if you are suffering. We all can do this together and improve our mental health crisis.

TMS Solutions is a premier provider for TMS Therapy. Here at TMS Solutions in Montrose, we are committed to unique, compassionate and effective treatment for depression. To speak with a Patient Advocate fill out the form and we will be with you shortly.


Efficacy of TMS Solutions' TMS Therapy:

•72.45% of TMS Solutions' clinical patients have a response rate with a reduction in symptoms of greater than 50%.
•42.86% of our patients receive complete remission!


Did you know?

  • TMS Therapy is a safe non-drug, non-invasive FDA-cleared treatment.
  • It is indicated for treatment-resistant depression (MDD).
  • Approximately 40% of medicated depression patients are may be one of them.
  • It's covered by insurance, Medicare, VA Programs, and in some states Medicaid. Ask a Patient Advocate.
  • TMS Solutions has treated bi-polar, anxiety, auditory hallucinations, PTSD, OCD and Tinnitus as "Off-label" treatments. Each individual patient will be assessed to determine treatment eligibility.

CRISIS Hotlines:

• Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-784-2433
• Colorado Crisis Services: 1-844-493-8255
• Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners: 1-888-885-1222
• The Center for Mental Health Mobile Crisis Services: 970-252-6220

Our Staff

Paula Troutman - Circle

Paula Trautner, M.D.

Rendering Physician

Dr. Paula M. Trautner is a Psychiatry Specialist in Montrose, Colorado. She graduated with honors from University Of Colorado School Of Medicine in 1980. With over 38 years of diverse experiences Dr. Paula M Trautner is affiliated with Montrose Memorial Hospital, where she cooperates with other doctors and specialists.



Patient Care Coordinator/Certified TMS Technician

What a gift it is to help others!  I love being able to walk with people on life’s journey, finding friendship and healing along the way.

When I’m not serving our clients at TMS, you can find me enjoying time with my beautiful family, out for a run, or taking photos in this marvelous place we call home.



Patient Care Coordinator/ Certified TMS Technician

I was born and raised in Colorado and I received my nursing degree in 1988 from Colorado Mesa University.  In 1990 I moved to the Denver area, where I found my love for cardiac nursing in ICU and outpatient settings, and also had my daughter.  In 2004, I moved back to the Western Slope, continuing nursing in a cardiac cath lab.  Today, I am married to the love of my life of 7 years, together we have 3 children and 8 grandchildren and I have a new career passion in TMS therapy.  I witnessed TMS therapy completely obliterate depression and PTSD and make a phenomenal change in a person's life.  As I have seen the toll depression can take on a life and the effectiveness of TMS therapy, I have redirected my career to becoming a TMS technician.  So, what do I do in my free time?  Gardening, canning, quilting, woodworking, fishing, riding horses, working cattle, spending time with my grandkids doing all the above, and enjoying life.

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