Is TMS Right for Me?

Active Duty Service Members & Veterans

We're Treating Depression with VA-Approved TMS Therapy

The mental health of returning Active Duty Personnel and Veterans should be our highest priority. They served our country, now it’s time for us to serve them. 




1-in-4 of our service members return home with mental health issues.


TMS Therapy is a drug-free FDA-cleared treatment for depression

that has also been shown to reduce anxiety and PTSD symptoms.

It is available to Veterans and Active Duty Service Members in 

Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.


TMS Solutions is...


A Veteran owned company and a member of the Veterans                Chamber of Commerce

The first civilian TMS clinic to be vetted and referred by the             Veterans Administration to treat Veterans anywhere in the U.S.

The only TMS clinic to receive the Department of Defense               protocol to treat depression and PTSD

A Community Care Program provider - treatment is fully covered     by the VA and Military Insurance


It's easy to get started.

Number One TMS  Go to the VA:

    1. Schedule an appointment with a VA care provider (Primary Care Physician, Psychiatrist, etc.)
    2. Ask your care provider to refer you to TMS Solutions for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy through the Community Care Program. Provide them with the following information:
                                                     Patient Advocate: Phone: 844-537-6747 | Fax: 844-367-1025
    3. IMPORTANT: Make sure the VA confirms you are eligible and authorized for treatment before proceeding with step 2.
Number 2 TMS  Make an appointment with TMS Solutions:
    1. Call us at 844-537-6747 to schedule an appointment. The VA will work with you to find a TMS Solutions clinic location that best suits your geographical location.
    2. TMS Solutions will follow up with the VA to obtain your referral through the Community Care Program.

Number 3 TMS  Receive care:

    1. Arrive for TMS Therapy treatment and change your life!


•  Non-systemic treatment (meaning nothing is circulating in
your bloodstream throughout your body), so you avoid the
side effects common with antidepressant medications 

•  Non-invasive and drug-free - no need for sedation or anesthesia. The patient can drive themselves to and from sessions and continue normal activity immediately.


Of TMS Solutions' patients...

•  Over 85% responded to TMS Therapy and reduced their            symptoms by more than 60%
•  Over 50% had complete remission of symptoms

A long-term study showed that one year after TMS Therapy...

• 69% of patients showed an improvement in symptoms
• 45% of patients reported complete remission

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