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We're Treating Depression and PTSD with VA Approved TMS Therapy!

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 TMS Therapy is a drug-free FDA cleared treatment available for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members in Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

TMS Solutions is a Community Care provider!

Get started today with three steps:


Number One TMS  Go to VA:

    1. Schedule an appointment with a VA provider (Primary Care, Psychiatrist, doctor, etc.)
    2. Ask your provider to refer you to TMS Solutions for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation through the Community Care program!
    3. Ask your VA care team to work with you to see if you are eligible for community care. Provide them with the following information:
      1. Phone: 844-537-6747
      2. Fax: 844-367-1025
    4. IMPORTANT: Make sure VA confirms you are eligible and authorized before proceeding with step 2
Number 2 TMS  Make an appointment with TMS Solutions:
    1. Call us at 844-537-6747
    2. TMS solutions will follow up with the VA to receive your referral through the Community Care Program
    3. VA will work with you to find a TMS location that best suits your geographical location
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Beat Depression and PTSD!

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Proven Safe

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Effective and Durable

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Efficacy Rates Winter 2019


Stats on Mental Health:

The mental health of our Active Duty Personnel and Veterans should be our highest priority when they return home. They served our country, now it’s time for us to serve them. 


1-in-4 of our servicemen and women return home with mental health issues.


In many cases they are not the same people we knew before they left. There is a cost to service to those who have served, and their families. Many suffer from depression and other related mental illnesses. TMS Therapy is a proven safe treatment and effective across a broad range of treatment resistance, and may be able to help when medication cannot.


Click below to see how the VA is taking action:

How the VA is Treating Depression with TMS Therapy

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