A TMS Solutions Reference Guide to TMS Therapy

Bob Sammons, MD, Ph.D. and TMS Solutions invite you to the Solute.  Solute is a one-click access to the most current references for TMS research.  Based on all the medical research, the Solute provides you free access to all TMS research in medical journals.  Once in the Solute, there are two opportunities to review these data.  The first is the chronological bibliography which lists the monthly articles that have been published in the field presented in descending order where one can quickly cruise this month’s folder to see what has been published in the journals.  These chronological references are then categorized into Clinical Categories where articles are listed by clinical diagnoses or categories, again descending in monthly order.  This allows the clinician, researcher, or the public, to quickly access the articles in their area of interest.  These categories include subject areas such as depression, OCD, PTSD, tinnitus and other clinical categories.  As new research emerges in the field, new categories will be added as appropriate.  This is a service provided by TMS Solutions free and without advertising. If you'd like to get automatic updates when new posts occur, you may subscribe below.

For Clinical TMS Society members and guests: Welcome to Solute.  We have worked hard to have the structure of our Solute website on line for the Clinical TMS Society meeting in San Diego.  Here you can see where the TMS data will be listed chronologically as well as view the clinical categories we have created while beginning to populate them.  Again, the categories will list the clinical data but all of the TMS articles found will be listed in the Chronological areas. We have listed an article or two in many of the categories so you can see how the data will be presented.  We are hopeful that within the month we can have all of our data listed in both the Chronological and Categories areas.  Please keep checking back as data are being loaded daily. We will send you an e-mail to let you know when all our current data have been populated and the site is fully functional.  

Thank you for visiting us.


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