TMS Therapy is for those who...

  • Have been identified with depression who have not benefited from prior medication (see image below)
  • Have had side effects from those medications
  • Are searching for a drug-free depression solution
  • Want the safety of an FDA cleared depression solution
  • If your not sure please ask our Patient Advocate

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TMS Therapy is not for those...

  • Patients with any type of ferromagnetic metal in their heads (with the exception of braces or dental fillings or titanium), should not receive TMS. Failure to follow this rule could cause the object to heat up, move, or malfunction, and result in serious injury or death.
  • The following list of metal implants can prevent a patient from receiving TMS:
    • Aneurysm clips or coils
    • Stents in the neck or brain
    • Deep brain stimulators
    • Electrodes to monitor brain activity
    • Metallic implants in your ears and eyes
    • Shrapnel or bullet fragments in or near the head
    • Facial tattoos with metallic or magnetic-sensitive ink
    • Not sure - Ask your Patient Advocate