Q: A question I am asked on a regular basis is, "should I continue to take my current medication while doing TMS Therapy? "
A: Yes. TMS therapy aims to work with your current routine in order to help you live your daily life. In your initial appointment, a doctor will determine your motor threshold (MT) level, and this value is determined by the chemistry in your brain. Changing your medications during TMS Therapy can alter your brain chemistry and therefore can potentially change your MT level. During your treatment, we want your normal routine to remain as consistent as possible, and medications fall into that routine. 

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Zina Zimmerman

Written by Zina Zimmerman


Disclaimer:  These are common questions our Certified TMS Technicians hear from patients.  Our Certified TMS Technicians are not Medical Doctors.  If patients have questions beyond the scope of the Certified TMS Technicians, one of the TMS Solutions Medical Doctors will be available to the patient.