Amber's Story:

Recently one of our patients gave us her story and testimonial about how TMS Therapy has changed her life. She suffered from severe depression, severe PTSD (Non-Combat),Woman Fall Image and major depression for a little over 20 years. 

She had been in therapy for 20 years with several different counselors, we tried every traditional therapy, including EMDR.  Nothing made a difference.

She wavered between life and death more times than she can count. Suicidal thoughts had become routine in her life. She said, "I’ll admit--I tried to commit suicide a few times and failed. My life was filled with so much darkness, that it was all I could see in front of me."

Read Amber's Testimonial in her own words here.

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Disclaimer:  These are common questions our Certified TMS Technicians hear from patients.  Our Certified TMS Technicians are not Medical Doctors.  If patients have questions beyond the scope of the Certified TMS Technicians, one of the TMS Solutions Medical Doctors will be available to the patient.