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The STAR*D Study is the largest trial ever done on psychotropic medications. Over 4,000 patients were studied over seven years looking at their remission rates for medicines.

  • First-line treatment produced the 27.5% chance of remission
  • Second-line treatment produced a 21.2% chance of remission
If you failed to manage the third-line treatment medication, it produced a 16.2% chance of remission.  If participants failed on three medications, the fourth medicine produced a 6.9% chance of remission. If a script were handed across the table, and a doctor were to tell the patient that because they're on their fourth medication it has only a 7% chance of working they would probably ask if there were any other options...which there are., like TMS Therapy.
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Clinical Studies


The New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council Public Meeting – December 9, 2011

Nonpharmacologic Interventions for Treatment-Resistant Depression: Supplementary Data and Analyses to the Comparative Effectiveness Review of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

FINAL MEETING REPORT – December 22, 2011 Completed by:
The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

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A Multisite, Naturalistic, Observational Study of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Patients With Pharmacoresistant Major Depressive Disorder: Durability of Benefit Over a 1-Year Follow-Up Period

David L. Dunner, MD; Scott T. Aaronson, MD; Harold A. Sackeim, PhD; Philip G. Janicak, MD; Linda L. Carpenter, MD; Terrence Boyadjis, MD;
David G. Brock, MD; Dafna Bonneh-Barkay, PhD; Ian A. Cook, MD;
Karl Lanocha, MD; H. Brent Solvason, MD, PhD; and Mark A. Demitrack, MD

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