TMS Therapy vs. Other Forms of Treatment

What are the differences?

Treatment Comparisons

There are a number of forms of treatment that can help relieve the symptoms associated with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). The table below compares three common treatments.




EC THERAPY (Shock Therapy)

Efficacy Over 85% of patients had >60% symptom reduction; Over 50% had remission in symptoms1 1st Rx: Less than 28% had remission in symptoms; After 3rd Rx: Less than 7% response in reducing symptoms2 64% - 79% response in reducing symptoms;
47% - 79% had remission in symptoms3
Side Effects No Systemic Side Effects

Weight Gain, Insomnia, Dry Mouth, Fatigue,
Nausea, Sexual Disfunction

Memory Loss, Nausea, Mood Changes

FDA Approved/Cleared
No Hospitalization
Application Non-Convulsive Stimulation

Non-Convulsive Stimulation

Convulsive - Electrically Induced Seizures
Post-Treatment Recovery Minutes: Patient can resume normal activity immediately Minutes: Patient can resume normal activity immediately Hours to Days

1. STAR*D Study; Rush et. al, Am J Psychiatry, 2006 PMID 17074942                    2. TMS Solutions Clinical Data;                   3. Huesin et. al, J. Clinical Psychiatry 20045, PMD 15119910