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Does TMS Therapy Treat Everything?

Posted by Robert A. Sammons, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. on May 3, 2019 2:00:00 PM

Recently, I was giving a talk to physicians about TMS and had been asked about future uses of this technology.  I began talking about the research I am familiar with, as I have tried to Chronicle the burgeoning research in the field in our website’s section called Solute.  After I had mentioned about 15 diseases and conditions currently being researched, one physician sarcastically asked if TMS was a panacea for everything.  I laughed and said that in the area of psychiatry and neurology, it may be true.

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TMS Solutions in Spokane Moves to New Location

Posted by TMS Solutions Staff on Jul 4, 2018 12:53:12 PM

[Press Release] TMS Solutions - Treating Depression in Spokane, Washington.

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Depression Treatment Changes Lives and Mind

Posted by TMS Solutions Staff on Mar 23, 2018 10:59:33 AM

Recently, Crispin Havener of KJCT8 in Grand Junction, Colorado interviewed Dr. Robert Sammons of TMS Solutions, a company operating clinics in Washington State, Colorado and New York, but headquartered locally. According to Havener, "Dr. Sammons has been studying Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) since 2006."

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Overcoming Anxiety By Betting On Predictions

Posted by Robert A. Sammons, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. on Nov 11, 2015 9:57:06 AM


Two of the major complaints presented to psychiatrists and psychologists are those of experiencing anxiety and feeling fear.

Medications are oftentimes helpful, but many people continue to experience unfounded anxiety and fear that, when questioned, they cannot explain why these feelings of anxiety and fear remain. Although the term agoraphobia is often referred to as “fear of the open market”, it certainly seems to me that the number of patients experiencing fear of being in public places or large stores, such as Walmart or Sam’s Club, has increased over the time I have been in practice. Patients frequently complain of difficulty with fear and anxiety, and will request information about what they can do to alleviate these feelings.

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What Is The TMS Therapy Success Rate For Adults?

Posted by Christopher Blackburn on Sep 1, 2015 12:46:00 PM

TMS Therapy Success Rate:

NeuroStar TMS Therapy® was the first non-systemic and non-invasive depression treatment to be cleared by the FDA, and is the leader in the TMS Therapy treatment of depression.  Neuronetics was named "PM360 Trailblazer Finalist For Medical Device Company Of The Year."  The therapy is indicated for adult patients who did not achieve satisfactory improvement from prior antidepressant medication:

  • In clinical trials, 1 in 2 patients had significant improvement in symptoms.
  • 1 in 3 patients had complete symptom resolution.
  • Since it’s non-systemic, it doesn't have side effects such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, sedation, dry mouth, etc.
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