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Amber's Testimonial - "I wavered between life and death more times than I can count."

Posted by a TMS Therapy Patient on Nov 19, 2019 1:03:24 PM

Amber's Story:

"TMS Therapy has changed my life. I’ve suffered from severe depression, severe PTSD (Non-Combat), and major depression for a little over 20 years. Please take a couple minutes to read this -- it may just save your life.

Having been in therapy for 20 years with several different counselors, we tried every traditional therapy, including EMDR.  Nothing made a difference.

I wavered between life and death more times than I can count. Suicidal thoughts had become routine in my life. I’ll admit--I tried to commit suicide a few times and failed. My life was filled with so much darkness, that it was all I could see in front of me.

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TMS: A Self Portrait

Posted by Robert A. Sammons, Jr., M.D., Ph.D. on Aug 19, 2019 1:44:54 PM

Way before HIPAA existed, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists were trained to protect the identity of their patients, and this certainly included testimonials. Times have changed, and patient testimonials are ubiquitous. In considering this, I think it’s due to two factors.

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Former NFL Super Bowl MVP Gets Depression Remission with TMS Therapy

Posted by TMS Solutions Staff on Apr 6, 2019 12:24:04 PM

In a recent article by Treva Lind in Spokane's The Spokesmen Review, former NFL Quarterback Mark Rypien opens up about his struggle with depression, the benefits he experienced with TMS therapy, and the need in our society to increase dialogue of mental health awareness.


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