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Food Addiction and Depression

Is ‘weight gain’ or ‘weight loss-plateau’ seriously considered as a side effect by our doctors when prescribing antidepressant? Especially if we are food addicts that experience severe disturbances in our behavior around eating.

The goal of this blog is simply to address the limitation issue we are encountering when counseling food addiction patients with depression. We are specifically referring here to patients with addictive behavior towards food that makes them overweight or obese.

All our patients are highly compliant after increasing awareness about their case. At a certain point they are able to fully assume the responsibility of managing their lives independently, identifying the triggers and using protection factors when needed.

They are aware of their emotions, sensations, thoughts and know how to deal with them without concentrating everything towards food. The endpoint has always been an improvement in their quality-of-life parameters, including their weight...until depression sets in. In this case, patients are referred to a psychiatrist, ensuing in a huge limitation to the improvement process when antidepressant medications are prescribed, causing weight gain or a weight-loss plateau.

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