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[Press Release] TMS Solutions - Treating Depression in Spokane, Washington.

TMS Solutions COO, Tim Denniston of Spokane, Washington is pleased to announce that TMS Solutions, which has been operating in Spokane since October of 2017, has moved and is now seeing 


patients at its new office, conveniently located at 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Suite 503.  They can bereached at 844-537-6747, or 509-688-0588. 

TMS Therapy® provides an effective treatment for depression when other methods, such as talk therapy and antidepressants, have failed.  TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation referring to the MRI-strength magnet used to deliver magnetic pulses to the area of the brain believed to control mood.  The primary device TMS Solutions uses for treatment is the patented, industry-leading NeuroStar® device from Neuronetics, a pioneer in research and development of depression treatment. 

The treatment is non-invasive and is medication free.  Denniston notes that "many of TMS Solutions' patients have had less than desired outcomes with their medications and suffer with many of the adverse side effects of those drugs. 

In our practices, we are seeing a 50% rate of remission and an 80% response rate, which means that patients are seeing a reduction in half of their symptoms."

TMS offers depression sufferers hope that there is a way out from under the crushing weight of their depression.  It promises a road back to the normal life they've all but forgotten.

If you or someone you love is dealing with depression and nothing you have tried so far is working, TMS Therapy may be the solution you've been looking for.

As Denniston adds, TMS is now covered by most insurance carriers and VA Tri-Care. 

If you'd like to find out if TMS Therapy can help, click the button below to speak with a Patient Advocate.  Your journey to remission may only be a phone call away.

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