Is TMS Right for Me?

What a wonderful opportunity to experience individuals who, truly, want to give back to the betterment of human life.  This last weekend Dr. Sammons and I had the privilege to participate in this amazing event.

Jerri Sher is a two-time Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who has just completed work on her latest documentary, Quiet Explosions. It addresses the issue of traumatic brain injury (TBI) across the spectrum of military members, athletes, and civilians.

Watch Quiet Explosion

There is a wide range of athletics in which participants can suffer head injuries, although football remains the most notable sport with the risk of concussions.  


One of the subjects in the film is Mark Rypien, the Super Bowl 26 MVP who has stated publicly that he has had thousands of concussions.  He discusses these injuries, the impact they’ve had on his life, and how he struggles daily to ensure the behavioral consequences of his head injuries do not negatively impact his life. He was interviewed by Mrs. Sher at the TMS Solutions office in Spokane, Washington where he received transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for the effects of his concussions.



Also interviewed for this documentary was his treating physician, Dr. Bob Sammons, the chief medical officer for TMS Solutions.

This thoughtful documentary regarding traumatic brain injuries, the people they affect, and the treatments they have undergone will shed new light on this condition that affects 2.1 million people annually. 

Trailers for her documentary can be seen by clicking here. 


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