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In a recent article in "The Mighty", entitled, "30 Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because of Your Depression", staff writer Sarah Schuster points out that...

"Depression expresses itself in many different ways, some more obvious than others. While some people have a hard time getting out of bed, others might get to work just fine — it’s different for everyone."

Christopher Blackburn, Co-Founder and Patient Advocate at TMS Solutions, said, "everyday we speak with patients suffering from different symptoms associated with their depression.  It's important to understand that we are all different and all require specific needs during treatment and post treatment.  At TMS Solutions, we incorporate a post treatment therapy for patients who now have 'clarity,' 'energy,' 'drive and determination' - all things that in some cases have been absent for decades.  This system of coping and recognizing indicators is, I believe, imperative for patients post TMS.  TMS is an amazing technology that literally changes lives.  It's vital that we continue to educate the public and health care industry about the efficacy that is a result of TMS therapy."

In her article Schuster asked her mental health community to "share one thing people don’t realize they’re doing because they have depression". In the following list we've flipped and paraphrased those heartfelt comments into "I messages" which the respondents put into quotes of , but reflect what many feel, but may have difficulty articulating--much less sharing aloud.

If you find yourself identifying with any of these statements, please know there is help from many sources available. You are not alone. Remission from depression is possible.

  1. "I withdraw or don’t speak much in social settings."
  2. "I struggle to get out of bed in the morning."
  3. "I agree to social plans, but I frequently cancel at the last minute."
  4. "I spend a lot of time hiding in my phone."
  5. "I go to bed early and sleep until 10 a.m."
  6. "I tend to isolate myself, and I feel like I am not living up to my potential."
  7. "I reach out when I’m depressed so I can feel less like I'm alone."
  8. "I don’t like talking on the phone.  There is less pressure texting."
  9. "I overcompensate at work."
  10. "I drink excessively socially; some think I'm the life of the party."
  11. "I hide out in my room binge watching TV series."
  12. "I frequently say I’m tired or don’t feel good."
  13. "I answer slowly because I feel like my brain runs slowly"
  14. "I sometimes forget to eat all day."
  15. "I don’t talk much in large groups of people, more so when I don't know anyone."
  16. "I am not keeping in touch people I know."
  17. "I am angry, mean or rude to people I love without realizing it.“
  18. "I purposely work on the holidays to avoid spending time with family."
  19. "I am struggling at home; my house is a mess."
  20. "I volunteer for everything."
  21. "I over think everything and I over-plan."
  22. "I smile all the time even though I don’t really want to, or mean to."
  23. "I say "sorry", before I even thinking about expressing myself."
  24. "I neglect doing basic things like laundry, cooking or eating."
  25. "I ignore people, not on purpose, but because I get lost inside myself"
  26. "I can’t say no without feeling guilty."
  27. "I push people away that I care about; I can’t bear to be hurt by them."
  28. "I go for late night walks to quiet the screaming in my head."
  29. "I am often accused of having ‘no sense of humor."
  30. "I am comfortable in the dark; I feel almost like I’m not alone."

I'd encourage you to read the entire article, you can click here to do so. To download the free brochure on Hope for Depression, click the button.



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