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Have you tried antidepressant medications, but found no relief from your depression?

Contact a Patient Advocate to learn more and see if TMS Therapy is right for you.

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What is TMS Therapy?

Cleared by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2008, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is a treatment that uses MRI strength
magnetic pulses
to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve, or sometimes even eliminate, the symptoms of depression. 

Worldwide, millions of people have found relief with TMS Therapy.

For more in-depth information about TMS Therapy, please visit our FAQs page under Resources.

Why choose TMS Solutions?

We have seen firsthand the transformative effects of TMS Therapy
and are passionate about bringing this life-changing treatment
to as many people suffering from depression as possible.

Since treating our first patient in September 2014, TMS Solutions
has added 10 clinics around the Western United States. 

We are on panel and contracted with major health insurance companies, including the Veterans Administration and Medicare in all 50 states,
and  Medicaid (currently in Washington state only).

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FDA-cleared, TMS is a non-invasive treatment shown to provide relief without the negative side effects of medication.

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Over 85% of our patients have symptoms reduced by more than 60% 

Over 55% of our patients receive complete remission

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Treatment takes place in one of our clinics five days a week over a six-week period. Sessions last on average 45 minutes.

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Covered by Insurance

TMS Therapy is covered by major medical insurance companies, the VA, Medicare, and in some states, Medicaid.

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